Casa Regions

Spanish Civil War left many devastated areas, and the “Servicio Nacional de Regiones Devastadas y Reparaciones” started to build houses from the ground up. Resource scarcity led to the main premises of ease of construction and use of localmaterials.

Sustainability was non-existent but there was context-aware architecture. Following this idea, the renovation revolves around the respect and connection between original spaces; the double height allows us to understand how the house was concived at a single glance.

Another important aspect from the project consisted in demolishing some extensions that were built in the back of the house in order to let the patio breath, getting it back to the original state.

When talking about ease of construction and local materials, we refer to solid brick walls and columns, built using the traditional technique of “revoltón” and the wooden structure with ceramic beam gable roof.

Respecting the original structure means saving and being sustainable. Having original materials exposed to the eye not only decorates but also tells us the story of the building, acting as a museum that will keep the trace of the past into the future.