Extension and alterations 1890 house

The house is located in the small, rural town of Singra, in the province of Teruel. The oldtown of Singra is an extremely difficult area to work, which is why our design had to be respectful, harmonious and above all integrate with the vernacular architecture of the environment.

The original house is from 1890 which underwent minimal alterations in 1940. Because the existing conditions improved and more space was needed, it was decided to make alterations and extend the house. To do so, the owners bought an adjoining horse stable which also allows access to the back street located three metres above the ground floor of the accommodation.

This sloping topography of the place allowed us to develop an open concept in which the new entrance connects the middle floor with the upper and lower floors.

From the outside, the house has a discrete and pacific quality; simple soft-toned walls with small openings. Walking past the house at the front, you could barely imagine the innovation of the construction and what it contains.

The outside walls of the building follow the irregular shape of the alley as if they were embracing it. The interior space is increased by the strategic positioning of the stairs attaining a smooth flow and opening of the whole building.

The white walls and chestnut floors, ceilings and firm elements create a minimalist impression but also display a warmth that reflects the simplicity of the architecture of the place.