ParadisTeam Academy

An academy is an institution [or space], cultural [or educational] which connects people with knowledge. The atmosphere is of the utmost importance to develop knowledge and, therefore, when speaking of spaces, the architect plays a key role.

Themain obstacle we faced was the space availability; with under 50m2 to build anacademy with the following areas: waiting, toilet, tables, board, storage and exterior space.

It was due to the constraints that we came up with the idea of zoning the different areas with colors, avoiding any further loses of space by not using physical dividers.

The waiting area is red, the toilet is white, the board area is blue, the storage area is yellow and raw materials were kept for the exterior.

The tables have been designed so that they offer maximum flexibility; they can be used either joined or separated, they have three different sizes and can be set to two different heights.

Experimenting is part of the learning process; colors, forms or materials are part of the experiment.

Surroundings affect our mood, and considering the presence of short ages students, the room had to be playful and full of life.